Ways to keep children occupied when at home


As COVID continues to grow and extend, keeping kids active and entertained has become a task for parents. Practicing yoga, exercising, face timing, attending online classes might be the new normal for them but surely it would end up creating a wall of boredom for them. 

Here are a few tips and activities to carry out the same old routines in a new way or help your child learn something new all together during their time at home;


1. Doodles/ IllustrationsDrawing and colouring might get boring after a while for kids. Introduce them to doodling and illustrating as this will also help them tap on their creative side and keep them engaged.

2. Bedtime story:Every night before going to sleep, make a routine of listening to an audio book together. This will not only keep your kids excited for the new story but also help you and your child spend quality time together if you are working from home by listening to something interesting everyday.

3. Art for expression:Teach the kids to express. If they aren't talking and keeping to themselves during the lockdown, introduce the art of expression to them in form of letter writing or poem writing, dancing and so on. These mediums will help them stay engaged in different activities and also help them open up and express their emotions and feelings. 

4. Activity bingoMaking a schedule is advised by most during the lockdown. Why not convert the daily tasks into a bingo game and make it fun for the kids? Every day you can have a task list but in a bingo format, so whenever someone completes a task they cross out things that have been finished and try to make a Bingo first in the house. 

5. Create a learning space:This is not a way to keep the kids entertained, but it will help their learning from home 'new normal' a little easier. Set up a homework/schoolwork area for them in the house just like you might have your work space as that can really help kids focus better at home.