Happiness!!! So, where does happiness come from

So, where does the happiness comes from--a blog by Farheen Hussain
Happiness is not what you are looking for outside of you, happiness comes from within. Have you ever asked yourself what makes you happy? What makes a soul happy? It is never the materialistic thing that gives you the ultimate happiness.
Have you heard someone saying that if I get that phone or that thing I will be happy. If I get a promotion I will be happy. Maybe they even are happy for a while when they achieve it but does it last long? No it doesn’t, as it is short term happiness.

Try and remember a happy memory from your past now. What do you remember? A memory with a loved one, good time spend with friends, family or loved one or any goal achievements--all these things gives us actual inner happiness.

Being grateful and showing gratitude also makes us happy and content in what we have instead of focusing on what we do not have. Focusing on what we don’t have can be helpful only if you can do something about it if there isn’t anything you can do to change it then you must let go.
I have also heard so many people saying my husband or my family doesn’t keep me happy have you ever thought maybe they might also be thinking the same. However it is important here to understand that your happiness does not lies in others hand it lies in your very own.

“Your happiness is not for others to give”!

You must also have heard people often saying I will be happy once I achieve this, I will be happy once I get out of here, I will be happy once I get married, I will be, I will be, I will be but does that happen? Do those people be happy when they ultimately have what they have been waiting almost all their lives for? I am sure 90% of the time the answer would be no because they have been so focused in reaching somewhere that they forgot that life and happiness was just right there in those moments which they missed in reaching their goal.
The most important part of the journey is the journey itself and if you miss to enjoy those tiny little moments then you have missed quite a lot. And such people would not even remember what happened throughout their journey as their only focus was on the end goal.
Happiness is in building up the memories bit by bit as you go and cherish those moments of joy. Finding your joyful moments and happy times can make you be aware of what is it that you need to seek more in life.
Farheen Hussain, Psychologist.