Challenges that working professionals are facing are not an easy battle to fight

With many small business shutting shop, companies laying off employees, a large portion of the workforce is left jobless, insecure and frustrated. But the challenges they face go deeper than what they seem at the first go

  1. Loss of purpose: For many people their jobs or professional life gave them a direction to move in--they had targets of becoming a CEO by a certain age, or earning a certain amount of money by the year end and so on. This gave them a sense of purpose and direction in life. With layoffs, or business not making any money, this sense of purpose is lost, leaving professionals distressed, confused, and anxious.
  2. Feeling of incompetence: even if COVID was not your doing and a lay off is not your fault, but the idea that maybe I am not good enough and that is why I was laid off, does present itself at some time. And some of us fall prey to this idea thereby setting ourselves for long hours of self loathing and feelings of failure.
  3. Existential threat: For many, their livelihood and their family’s well being, depended on their jobs and businesses. And with these at risk, the idea that how will I be able to pay the bills, put food on the table, pay school fees starts turning into a nightmare, leaving us insomniacs with depression and anxiety issues.
  4. Social isolation from work colleagues: For most of us, our workplaces also doubled up as counselling centres for domestic issues. We always had that one friend with whom we could discuss our problems. The virus has not only shut down the supportive, casula, friendly work relationships but also taken away from us our that very best friend who did not stay at home, but whom we found at the office. This is giving rise of feelings of despair, loneliness and drifting apart thereby inducing insecurity.

Till things do not settle down for better, it is important for professionals who don’t have a workplace to go to to try and maintain a routine and stay in touch with people. This will help them moving on and continue giving them a sense of belongingness.