Doctor’s Dilemma: A plea from a doctor treating COVID patients

Doctors are our saviours in the catastrophic epidemic. And even though they have taken an oath to treat every ill person, and do their best to prevent as well as cure the illness, with the prevailing outbreak, they are facing
personal questions every single day in the ongoing warlike conditions. To save lives or spend some time with the family? Choose which patient to attend to and which patient to refuse treatment to? Look after the patients or their own kids? And the other most important conflict--whether to treat COVID patients or attend to their regular patients?

For every doctor, there are no favoured patients and each patient is equal and as important as the next. They don’t follow any categorical patterns set by society while curing the patients. And still, during these tough times, doctors are seen as being biased towards a particular group of people. One will come across unverified stories of how doctors are trying to milk the patients at this time, preferring some over the other for the sake of money.

This makes it imperative for the same people to understand that the doctors are needed EVERYWHERE today, and they are doing their BEST too. In such a limited time span the doctors are the warriors being pulled from all the sides and burdened with looking after the patients, the health care team, the inventory, the viruses, other illness and their own family too.
They are the ones who feel most guilty about not being able to give time to their regular patients. Doctors vow to keep their patient’s history secret and in such cases, every patient wants to be looked at by their regular doctors only. When this doesn’t happen, even their regular patients accuse them of neglect and add to their burden of guilt.
As if this was not enough, there are cases where the regular patients are unhappy with their doctor treating COVID patients for the fear of contamination. Regular patients avoid going for checkups worrying that the doctor might be a carrier of the virus and might infect them and sometimes unassumingly spread the scare stigmatizing the doctor for doing his job!!!
In such cases, it stands in front of the doctors to make things right for his patients. 
1) Inform the regular patients about availability hours: The doctors can set a day in the week or maybe a few hours every day for their regular patients. By informing them in advance about these specific time slots and asking them to take the appointments beforehand, the waiting time of the regular patients is cut back thereby helping in maintaining social distancing norm.

2) Making stringent safety norms at the checkup clinics: By following strict health safety norms to secure the
clinics, the doctor can mentally ease the regular patients from the extra worry of being exposed to virus or spread of illness in any way.

3) Switch to Social networking sessions:  If being physically available seems a tricky task, it would be easier for the doctors to be available for online counselling or suggestions. In order to avoid clashes between the COVID patient checkups and online counselling setting a time for the online sessions would be beneficial.

4) Even though the doctors may not be able to prescribe treatment through online sessions, just the fact that he is heard can assure the patient of being taken care of and put his concerns at ease.